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Alabama Culture

Alabama Culture

Sun drenched beaches, oak trees, antebellum mansions and rich diverse history, scenery and culture are what you could expect of the magnificent Alabama. A song you must have heard before is Sweet Home Alabama and its southern music culture include Mardi Grass Bands and legendary artists. Here jazz and country is sung in bars and dancing to blues in clubs while gospel is sung in churches.

Cuisine and culture in Alabama

In Sweet Home Alabama you have everything coming together in a great package of adventure, culture, history and beauty. It is a state filled with richness from white sand beaches to world class golf where every town has a story and meals are a celebration. It is a town that receives and achieves everything that southern hospitality should have. Outstanding things not to miss include eating scrumptious seafood in Forrest Gump their own seafood village, celebrate the oldest Mardi Grass or the jazz and blues club in Montgomery.

Alabama cuisine range from decadent deserts to sophisticated seafood with signature dishes like Dreamland’s mouth-watering ribs, Wintzell’s Oysters, Birmingham’s Highlands Bar & Grill’s stoneground baked grits to name a few. Anyone coming to Alabama for the first time and looking for true southern hospitality are recommended not to dare miss out on the annual food festivals that are taking place regularly throughout the state, the Birmingham Hot and Hot Fish Club or the live Music and Cheeseburger on the Gulf Coast at the Lu-Lu Homeport Marina.

Alabama’s heritage and history is filled with events that portray the Civil War of long gone era. Since 2015 Alabama held annual event throughout the state in commemorating event of the Civil Right movement and this include a visit to Montgomery where Martin Luther King was involved deeply in the struggle and is story from Selma to Birmingham that ended up changing and shaping the nation.