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Tennessee Culture

Tennessee Culture

In Tennessee you have the capital Nashville in the middle of the state and in the east settler who have created Ballard from the heart and settler working hard while in the west you have W.C. Handy who changed the sound of blues of Beale Street.

Cuisine and culture in Tennessee

If you love southern hospitality, home-style cooking and mouth-watering barbeque then Tennessee will be the place to visit or live. You will find an abundance of chefs that comes from Tennessee and they all love cooking southern style and participating in the many food festival that happens especially during May, where this state celebrate a month long of local heritage, food and music.

The most famous distillery in the state is the Jack Daniels in Lynchburg, but you also have the George Dickel as well as a myriad of smaller wineries and breweries throughout the state. Aside from the cuisine it is known for the natural beauty of Tennessee is also outstanding. Tennesseeā€™s museums are filled with arts heritage, crafts and galleries that include the Bluff View Art District and also the famous Memphis Brooks Museum of Modern Art.

During 1861 until 1865 the Civil war happened in Tennessee and this is why visitors today has a huge amount of history and sights that are ready for exploration. It has heritage towns and hallowed grounds, historic parks and battlefields. The past is immersed in people from Davey Crockett to Elvis Presley. It is a great place to explore the culture and history of Native American and African American past to present.

In 2011 it celebrated the 150th anniversary of the Civil war and this celebration continues annually and two important sites include the Battles for Chattanooga and the Battle above the clouds. In Franklin a large number of Civil War sites are visited by tourists and today this is a delightful city filled with delights and modern architecture.