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Southern Culture – Music, Dance and Art

Southern Culture – Music, Dance and Art

Many people including Americans would be surprised of what is actually Southern culture, but passing as American culture. Southerners are proud of their cultural roots and we hope to bring back to you what is Southern and NOT American culture. Southerners have a deeply developed culture in regards to mannerisms, dance, and literature, art, and food and yes music too that differs greatly from American culture. People might be surprised when discovering what actually southern culture is, but adopted by America and simply taken for granted to be American culture by the rest of America.

Look at music for example it could be perilous or difficult to define regions insofar as music is concerned. Music after all is amorphous, and near impossible to contain as it will slip away but nevertheless do you get distinct southern musical styles as we will point out to you here. It is simply southern due to its roots, by the way it sounds and the genres’ history too.

For example when you listen to Bluegrass sounds it reminds you of fine air that rolls over the mountains of Kentucky while New Orleans Jazz sounds like the earthly and brassy demands of a street carnival.

Southerners are sensualists at heart with a passion for music and dance too. That means love live and love experiencing life and a great part of expression is through dance. Looking at southern dancing style it includes round dancing, square dancing, clogging, three step, two step and shag. They are also a nation that loves gambling, but predominantly online and you will find many southerners playing at websites like https://tr.onlinebahisyappro.info/ and  http://online.canliruletcasino724.info/  whenever they can.

Southern art is an area that is quite overlooked by southerners as a whole even though their reputations for outstanding manners, literature, music and food. However some great example of southern art are evident in places like Ogden Museum of Southern, Anton Haardt Gallery, Southern Highland Craft Guild, Folk art The Southern collection and Southern Arts Federation.