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Mississippi Culture

Mississippi Culture

Mississippi culture runs deep and it is a region renowned for its Southern literature when you look at authors like Willie Morris and John Grisham who takes inspiration from the places and people in Mississippi. One of its most celebrated is William Faulkner, who is also a Nobel Prize winner who opened his house in Oxford to the public. Hollywood also found in Mississippi a wealth of cultural and scenic resources that you can see on screen in movies like The Help, A Time to Kill, O Brother Where Art Thou filmed in Mississippi.

Cuisine and Culture in Mississippi

When you look at great Mississippi dining you will find some of the greatest at back road joints and quirky small town unexpectedly. Some of the prominent specialities of Mississippi that you will often get fried is catfish. If you are looking for excellent catfish which you get as a free appetizer, you can pop into the Indianola restaurant, The Crown. For a great catfish taco head over to Jackson while in Clarksdale’s Ground Zero Blues Club you get an amazing catfish BLT. All over Mississippi will you find that catfish is a state and true southern speciality.

Something else in Mississippi that is unique is comeback sauce which originated in Jackson and basically it is mayonnaise that has added ingredients to make it zesty, pink and garlicky tasting. Here you find comeback sauce served with anything and everything from salads to burgers to fries. Strong Mississippi culture are found all around but prominent in the arts and crafts museums in the state that showcase local talent. Most of Mississippi contributions to crafts, fine arts and literature are in the newest renovated Mississippi Crafts Centre at Ridgeland.

Mississippi Festival, Events and Music

When you travel the Mississippi Delta along The blues Highway or better known as highway 61, which stretches from Memphis in Tennessee to Vicksburg, along Mississippi River and over Yazoo. Along this you get a blues genre that produced legend like Robert Johnson, John Lee Hooker, Charley Patton, Muddy Waters, WC Handy and B.B. King. A place that must be visited is the B.B. King Museum in Indianola. In Clarksdale is the delta Blues Museum, Sunflower River Blues Festival, Ground Zero Blues Club, Juke Join Festival and other great blues joints. It is also here where Elvis Presley was born and fans visit his hometown Tupelo.