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Florida Culture

Florida Culture

When you are in Florida and that means nearly anywhere in Florida you know you are never too far from one of its glorious beaches that line the state’s coastline. As if that is not enough you also have the Florida Keys, Everglades, St, Augustine, SeaWorld, Universal Studios and Disney to name a few. When referred to as the sunshine state they are not far off even though severe storm and hurricanes have damaged Florida, though that it is gloriously attractive is true.

Florida’s cultural heritage vary as you move throughout it but regardless of location will any international tourist find more places to enjoy and explore and enjoy the southern hospitality and probably sunshine too. Florida Keys has a laid back approach to life whereas Miami is filled with continuing immigrations and Latin Communities that influences the lifestyle, music and art while North and some of the Central fit in with the Southern culture.

Florida Cuisine

When you look at the diversity of Florida you find influences of Asian Caribbean, Latin American, Cuban populations that influence the food and cuisine of southern Florida and Miami. However when you move toward the northern Florida you will find influences of Creole, Cajun and Deep South cuisine. People looking for cultural exploration and exchange simply have to travel through the various cities and parts of Florida through home cooked meals, farmers markets and restaurants. Food events and tours are in abundance throughout Florida with Miami tour from Miami Food tours and Miami Culinary Tours. North Naples food events include the Everglades Seafood festival that runs annually every February in the Everglades City.

In most of Florida arts and cultural events are done once a month for example the Little Havana Festival that include arts gallery walks and tours, street performers, dancing and tango, etc. one of the South’s and also the entire United States largest arts centres is the Adrienne Archt Centre for the Performing Arts and home to a huge range of cultural and arts events which include musicals, dance, classical music, and live concerts to name a few. Another great place to visit is the Miramar Cultural Centre that houses art galleries, botanical garden, rehearsal halls and theatres.