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Texas Culture

Texas Culture

It is said that Texas is the Lone Star State and that it is a state that is a rebel and everything is better and bigger in this southern US state. According to Texans they are the best state of the US and obviously the south too. Even though they have the hospitality and friendliness of the typical southern people they have a lot of pride too and it oozes all around you. The first to explore Texas were the Spanish and in 1803 US included Texas in the Purchase from France and in 1821 Texas was Mexican territory. During the Texan revolution in 1835 Mexican troops were kicked off the territory and the famous Alamo 13 day siege happened at the time too.

The Mexican Cession that happened in 1848 though gave the southwest of Texas to the United States. Then new borders were set and the Texas border was set at Rio Grande River. Texas transformed forever when oil production started in 1901 ns reaching its peak in 1972. Some major things that happened in Texas includes the assassination of President John F Kennedy in 1963 in Dallas.

Texan culture remains as said to be one of real bravado of being better, but instead of being annoying it is rather entertaining as they remain firmly southern at heart. It probably stems from the fact that they had a long and hard fight to own that land and current territory. A huge part of Texas is cowboy territory and you will find nothing strange when you see rancher attitudes, cowboy hats and boots wherever you go.

With the strong Hispanic presence in Texas there is a strong ethnicity in the state. As far as Texas cuisine is concerned will you never find dainty plates and small servings of food anywhere. They are bigger and better at everything or so they claim and surely that have to shine through in food too would be the guess. Juicy piles of barbeque, big chili bowls, and platter sized steaks are what Texans are known for and to say you are hungry when leaving a restaurant would be impossible. Unlike typical southern food will you find that their cuisine is predominantly Tex-Mex and foods like thin-sliced beef, chili con quesco, fajitas and nachos are staple food.